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What does a Veterinary Technologist do?

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Where do I study Veterinary Technologist?

The Veterinary Technology course is only offered at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria.  The course is part of the offering of the Faculty of Science's department of Biomedical Sciences.  The Department of Biomedical Sciences is located at the TUT Arcadia campus in the heart of the city.

What subjects do I need in Grade 12 in order to apply for studying Veterinary Technology?

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How many years will I have to study?

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Is student accommodation available at TUT?

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This page is to be used to try and answer as many possible questions that prospective students, school learners and their parents might have regarding the profession as well as studing the profession.  The management together with TUT should come up with a list of possibe questions as well as clear answers and / or explanations to be posted in this section.

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